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Electric RC Helicopters

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The Lil' Draganflyer Nano Quadrotor is the newest and smallest Lil' Draganflyer. Its sma ...
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The Lil' Draganflyer Plus is the evolution of the original Lil' Draganflyer. Now featuri ...
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The Lil' Draganflyer Micro Quadrotor is the newest and smallest Lil' Draganflyer. Its sm ...
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Draganfly Innovations introduces our new, entry level Ready-to-Fly (RTF) system, the Dr ...
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Draganfly Innovations introduces our new, entry level Ready-to-Fly (RTF) system, the Dr ...
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Draganfly Innovations presents its most popular model, the Draganflyer X6. The X6 capt ...
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Launch your imagination with the Draganflyer V Ti R/C Helicopter's flying capabilities! ...
$899.95 USD
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Discontinued - Parts still available
The Draganflyer r/c helicopter just got better; with the new Draganflyer Stabilized Ae ...
$2,499.95 USD
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Discontinued - Parts still available
Upgrade your aerial video capabilities with the Draganflyer V Ti Pro and its high-qu ...
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Discontinued - Parts still available
The Lil' Draganflyer Mini Quadrotor is an ideal beginner 4-channel Ready-to-Fly 2.4GHz e ...
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This item is no longer available. For a suitable replacement, check out the Lil' Draganflyer Plus
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Articles, Help & FAQs

Information About the Types of Radio Control RC Helicopters

Conventional Electric RC Helicopter Types:

Most radio control RC helicopters use a common layout, with one main rotor generating lift, and one tail rotor. This is called the Sikorsky layout. When the RC heli's main rotor turns, it generates torque which causes the helicopter to rotate in the opposite direction. This is countered with a vertically mounted tail rotor. By varying the thrust produced by the tail rotor, the RC heli can remain in one position, or rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise.

RC Helicopters With Counter-Rotating and Co-Axial Rotor Blades:

An RC helicopter using a counter rotating system will have two rotors spinning in opposite directions. The torque generated by the rotor blades is canceled out, and the RC helicopter will not require a tail rotor to keep it from spinning. This allows the RC helicopter's tail boom to be eliminated, saving weight. One possible layout has one rotor blade mounted at each end of a long fuselage, as it is for the Boeing CH-47 Chinook, and is known as a tandem rotor. Alternatively, both counter-rotating rotors can be placed on the same shaft, resulting in a co-axial design. Co-axial RC helicopters are very stable and easy to fly. The Mini Stinger series indoor RC helicopters use co-axial designed rotor blades.

RC Helicopters With Multi-Rotor Design:

It is possible for an RC heli to use more than two main rotor blades. The thrust from all the RC helicopter's rotors is combined to generate lift, and the thrust produced by each rotor can be varied to allow the RC heli to maneuver. Decreasing thrust on rotors near the front will cause the RC helicopter to tilt forward and move in that direction. The same method can be used to allow the RC helicopter to move backward and side to side. Draganflyer RC Helicopters use multi-rotor design.

What Does Fixed-Wing And Rotary-Wing RC Aircraft Design Mean?

Fixed-Wing Aircraft:
Fixed-wing refers to an RC aircraft which uses wings that do not move relative to that aircraft. RC airplanes are a fixed-wing design.
Rotary Wing Aircraft:
Rotary-wing refers to an aircraft which uses rotating wings to generate lift. RC Helicopters are rotary-wing design.

Why should I choose an Electric RC Helicopter over a Gas RC Helicopter?

For a long time, the RC heli of choice had been a gas RC helicopter. However, with the introduction of high power lithium batteries it is easy to find electric RC helicopters that match or exceed the performance of gas RC helicopters. With electric RC helicopters you also have the advantage of eliminating the mess of fuel, the hazard of breathing in exhaust gases, and the excessive noise.

Electric RC helicopters also give you the freedom of indoor use. This has made small toy electric RC helicopters possible. The most popular of these is the palm sized Mini Stinger electric RC helicopter, and its cousin the Extreme-Flyers X-350 2.4GHz Outdoor Coaxial RC Helicopter electric RC helicopter which is a detailed miniature scale model of a Bell helicopter. The use of lithium batteries as the power souRCe for these electric RC helicopters has made it possible to get light weight and long runtimes.

Because typical electric RC helicopters are smaller and lighter than comparable gas RC helicopters, they are also much safer. The lower weight of electric RC helicopters means that you need less thrust to keep them in the air, and that allows smaller rotor blades that store less kinetic energy and have less inertia. Electric RC helicopters are much less likely to cause personal injury than the relatively heavy blades used on gas RC helicopters. Less weight also tends to reduce the damage caused by a crash. Unlike electric RC helicopters, large gas RC helicopters typically have enough inertia to tear themselves apart during a crash. At the opposite end of the spectrum, tiny indoor infrared electric RC helicopters are so light that they just bounce off of objects rather that breaking.

You can also get electric RC helicopters in an RTF (Ready To Fly) kits that requires simply charging the batteries before flying. Gone are the concerns about properly breaking in your gas engine. With electric RC helicopters you gain safety and convenience. Try an electric RC helicopter today.

I Want to Buy an Electric RC Helicopter

Good news pilots. Our Electric RC Helicopters set the stringent fun standards set by the world's elite governing bodies. So what makes our radio control heli so blazingly fun? Simplicity. Durability. Ease of flight. We design our radio control RC helicopters so that you spend your time FLYING.

If you're winging offensive assault across the desktops of your office mates or rescue missions at your next family gathering we highly suggest the Mini Heli electric RC helicopter, Extreme-Flyers X-350 2.4GHz Outdoor Coaxial RC Helicopter electric RC helicopter or the Mini Stinger Indoor remote controlled helicopters. These safe, lightweight indoor electric RC helicopters are amazingly easy to fly, even for kids, and come fully assembled - ready to fly.

If you require quantum innovative leaps in electric RC heli design then there's only one choice - the DraganFlyer X6 UAV electric RC helicopter family of indoor AND outdoor remote controlled RC helicopters. Yikes. We're talking about Draganflyer Helis with GPS, Gyros and internal stabilization software here chopper pilots. Even Eye Cams for reconnaissance missions, indoors or out. Designed with durability and ease of flight to maximize your fun, also with professional grade electric RC helicopter models.

Open the box and fly your new easy to fly indoor RC Heli!

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