If you own, or plan on buying, the Thunder Power RC TP1430C charger, you should be aware that there is a firmware update that needs to be installed. Please note, MOST customers WILL NEED TO PERFORM THE UPDATE. All TP1430C owners should identify the version of firmware currently operating the charger to identify if further action is necessary.

To identify which version of firmware your TP1430C is operating, simply turn on the charger. You will see the version firmware your charger is running, as noted on the bottom right corner of the initial screen displayed. All TP1430C chargers with a firmware version other than v2.8.3 will need to install the update.

Instructions on updating the Thunder Power RC TP1430C

Please note: When new firmware is made available for any Thunder Power RC Charger, it should be installed to allow for optimal operation of the product.

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