The Traxxas Spartan electric RC boat comes with a set of capable NiMh batteries but if you want the extreme power and cutting edge performance that only Li-Po batteries can offer, we’ve chosen a selection of Thunder Power RC Li-Po’s that will work out of the box.

Please note that the Traxxas Spartan boat has two battery bays and will require two of each listed Li-Po battery to run.

Economy Setup – 2x TP3300-2SSR35D

A pair of TP3300-2SSR35D Li-Po batteries will give a huge boost in performance over the stock NiMh batteries, for a very modest price.

Mid Range Setup – 2x TP6600-2SSR35D

Two TP6600-2SSR35D Li-Po batteries will give you just under twice the runtime that the economy setup will, and the increased capacity will allow a faster discharge.

Most Power – 2x TP5300-3SPR65D

A Pair of TP5300-3SPR65D Li-Po batteries will deliver more amps than any of the other setups we’ve listed. These packs are capable of a 65C continuous discharge, and are made of the very best cells currently available. These packs also feature 3 cells wired in series, delivering more voltage and all out speed.

Longest Runtime – 2x TP8000-3SSR35D

If you’re interested in running the Traxxas Spartan Boat for as long as possible between charges, a pair of TP8000-3SSR35D Li-Po batteries will nearly double the capacity and runtime as compared to any of our other selections. Choose this option if you’re interested in spending less time charging batteries, but don’t mind that the boat rides a bit lower in the water due to the extra weight.

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