Paper airplanes are cheap, easy to make, and fun for both children and adults. This article will show you how to make excellent paper airplanes, and allow you to download and print some exciting models. All of the paper airplanes shown here are free for download, so click, print, and enjoy!

  • The Best Paper Airplane In The World – Michael O’Reilly provides instructions for folding an excellent paper airplane on his website. This plane is a little challenging to fold, but it flies as well as the balsa wood gliders found in craft stores. Once you get the hang of folding this paper airplane, other paper airplane designs pale in comparison. After you manage to fold it, try downloading some printable patterns and making colored airplanes.
  • Scale Piper J3 Cub – Building this scale model makes a great weekend project, and while it’s not a flying model it makes a great display piece. The model prints out on one sheet, and includes instructions. You will need: scissors, a hobby knife, a ruler, a pencil, and some white glue. Print the model off on card stock – available at most craft stores.
  • World Record Paper Plane – This paper plane design holds the current paper airplane flight duration record, at 27.6 seconds. Folding this paper airplane is relatively easy, but try to crease the nose folds firmly – it helps prevent crimping the nose later in the folding process.
  • Flat Nose Paper Airplane – The flat nose is extremely easy to build, and flies well without much adjustment. The flat nose flies best indoors, tossed gently from an elevated platform. Try bending one wing slightly downward, which will cause a gentle downward spiral and very long flight times.

We hope that you enjoy folding and flying these great paper planes.

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