The 12 inch DF-1245CR, 10 inch DF-1045CR, and 8 inch DF-8045 CR are pairs of counter rotating propellers. Counter rotating propellers are useful for experimental and twin engine aircraft, because they cancel out torque and p factor.

When an aircraft’s propeller or rotor spins, it generates torque. Torque can be described as the tendency for the aircraft to move its nose in one direction, due to the motion of the propeller.

Torque can be eliminated by using a pair of propellers, each spinning in opposite directions. Each propeller is curved in opposite directions, so that they both provide forward thrust while spinning in opposite directions.

The Lockheed P-38 lightning is one of the most famous applications of the counter rotating technology. During world war II, engineers needed a way to ensure that their fighters remained on target while using their weapons. They eventually settled on the counter rotating design, because the torque caused by each engine spinning in the same direction made it difficult for the plane to remain on target.

Because they eliminate torque, counter rotating propellers are an ideal choice for quad rotor and twin engine RC aircraft. A great example is the Draganflyer RC helicopters, which use the counter rotating design to prevent torque. Counter rotating propellers are difficult to find, so get some for your RC aircraft today.

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