The Vortex Extreme - An Ideal First RC Model AirplaneThis article is about model RC airplane crashes, and how to repair the damage caused by them.

Crashing your RC model airplane is normal, and it happens to everyone when learning how to fly. Because of this, the Vortex Extreme RC model airplane has been specifically designed to survive crashes with minimal damage. Follow this procedure to assess the damage caused by the crash, and repair your RC model airplane easily.

Right after the RC model airplane crash:

  1. Do a search – Get all of the parts from your RC model airplane, including all broken pieces of foam and plastic. Most of the time, the broken RC model airplane parts can be repaired by re assembling these fragments.
  2. Find all the parts – Do a thorough search of the crash site to make sure that you find all of the parts.
  3. Take them home – Put the RC model airplane parts in a box or other container, and take them home. Don’t attempt to repair the RC model airplane at the flying field.

Assess the damage to your RC model airplane and make repairs:

  1. Find a place to work – Now that you have all of the parts from your RC model airplane, go and find a place to work on repairs. You will want a large flat table, so that you can lay out all of the parts.
  2. Check the wing and tail – Look at the wing and tail sections of the RC model airplane, are they damaged? Small chips and cracks can usually be repaired with epoxy and packing tape. If you find a chip, place the missing part back into the wing or tail, and lay a strip of packing tape over the top and bottom. Larger cracks and bends generally require the replacement of the wing. A rudder cracked at the root can be repaired using epoxy and packing tape.
  3. Check the control surfaces – Are the rudder and elevator control surfaces still attached to the tail of the RC model airplane? If they have been knocked loose, just use some packing tape to re attach them. Bends in the pushrods can be corrected using a pair of pliers.
  4. Check the tail boom – Is the tail boom of the RC model airplane broken? If it is, you will need to replace it. Get a replacement tail boom, and remove the old one from the airplane. Put the pushrods from the old tail boom into the new one, making sure that they are straight. Bends in the pushrods can be corrected using a pair of pliers. Hot glue the new tail boom into the fuselage, and screw it in place.
  5. Check the RC model airplane landing gearBent landing gear can be repaired by bending it back into shape with your hands.
  6. Check the RC model airplane propeller – If it is broken, replace it using the spare that came with your airplane. More spare propellers can be ordered through our website.
  7. Test the RC model airplane radio – Do the throttle, rudder, and elevator respond to the transmitter? Check to make sure that they move in the right direction. If the radio does not respond, it has probably been damaged on impact. A replacement fuselage is available which includes a new radio system. Get this and install the non broken components of the airplane.
  8. Perform a pre flight check to make sure that everything works correctly. Refer to Part III of this article for the procedure.

You have now completely repaired your RC model airplane, so that it is ready to fly again. If you want, you can print off this article, and keep it as a reference to use when repairing RC model airplanes in the future.

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