Mach IIIz Electric RC Blimps

The Mach IIIz is an indoor electric RC blimp, which uses helium gas in a mylar inflatable envelope for buoyancy.

Mach IIIz RC Airship Features

The Mach IIIz blimp features three channel radio control, which allows it to fly in any direction (up/down, left/right, and forwards/backwards, and spin in 360 degrees). Each channel controls one of three fans, which are mounted on the gondola. The gondola is the white plastic cabin, which is mounted on the bottom of the inflatable balloon envelope via clear tape. Two of these fans are attached side by side, and control the direction of the blimp. An additional fan is mounted on the bottom of the gondola, which controls altitude. Learn more about how RC blimps work.

The Mach IIIz blimp uses a small 3v lithium battery for power. Lithium batteries are very lightweight, making them perfect for usage in RC blimps. The battery is mounted in the gondola of the Mach IIIz, and provides power for both the electric motors and the radio receiver.

MachIIIz blimps also come in different frequencies, colors, and styles, so two blimps can be flown at the same time. High lift envelopes are available for customers above 4000 ft. If you’re into sc-fi, a UFO / flying saucer version is also available.

Mach IIIz blimps are perfect for flying indoors, but they will become lost if you attempt outdoor flight. Remember that the Mach IIIz is essentially a powered helium balloon, so even slight winds will carry it away. Because the MachIIIz is durable and easy to fly they make an ideal RC toy for kids. The MachIIIz is great for advertising when equipped with a plain silver balloon, or a white high lift envelope. You can print your own stickers, or use a soft felt tip marker to decorate the balloon. Flying this RC airship over any event is sure to get attention, and printing your own labels on the blimp envelope is easy.

Where to Buy an RC Blimp

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Mach IIIZ Electric RC BlimpMach IIIZ Accessory Bundle Lithium Batteries For Your RC BlimpHigh Lift Blimp Envelope for usage above 4000 ft

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