On March 29th & 30th Draganfly Innovations participated in the 12th occurrence of Kilobots, an event where remote controlled robots weighing 1 to 6 pounds can battle each other in a lexan walled fighting area. Robots are grouped into four weight classes: Antweight (1 pound), Kilobot (1 kilogram or 2.2 pound), Beetleweight (3 pound), and Mantisweight (6 pound). Robots within each class battle each other with the goal of disabling their opponents robot. After all the combatants have fought, winners are determined for each weight class. Typical weapons included pushing wedges, horizontal/vertical spinning blades/bars/drums, lifting arms, and flippers. For more information on Kilobots, check out the official homepage: www.kilobots.com

Draganfly Innovations participated in Kilobots XII with a 3 pound Beetleweight named ‘Angry Dragan’. Featuring a shell spinner weapon design, Angry Dragan put up a good fight but unfortunately did not win. However, after the tournament each weight class has its own ‘rumble’ where all the robots that remain functional get to battle each other until only one is left standing. Check out Angry Dragan’s performance in the video of the Beetleweight rumble on YouTube.

Angry Dragan Beetleweight Combat Robot

This is the second Kilobots event in which Draganfly Innovations has participated, and the first in which Angry Dragan has fought. For information on all of Draganfly Innovations’ robots, check out Team Draganfly’s profile on the Builders Database.

Angry Dragan uses high quality lightweight components: a Thunder Power 11.1V 3s 2100mAh lithium polymer battery, and a Castle Creations Phoenix 45 ESC motor controller. If you are interested in building your own robot, you can obtain lithium batteries, brushless motors, and speed controllers in the parts section of RCToys.com. Other robot components are available at FingerTech Robotics.

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