RC AirplanesIn this article, we will look at several different ways to learn how to fly your RC aircraft.

After you get your new RC airplane, you will most likely want to fly it right away. Most of the time, rushing to a first flight without being prepared leads to a crash. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can learn to fly RC safely.

Fly your RC plane with an instructor and join a flying club

The oldest and most common way of learning to fly is by flying with a more experienced pilot. The easiest way to learn with an instructor is to join a local RC flying club. There are usually at least a few members who teach students to fly. This is an absolute must if you fly nitro or gas models, even a minor crash with one of these can be very damaging to the model.

When flying with an instructor, the risk of a crash is greatly reduced. An experienced pilot will know what do do in almost any situation, without thinking. It is also beneficial to learn how to operate the aircraft safely, and learning to fly with an instructor will make this easier.

Share the transmitter with an instructor

There are two ways by which an instructor and a student can share the transmitter, the first, and simplest way is to hand the transmitter over in case of an emergency. This is a fine method, but a faster and more reliable one is to use what’s called a “buddy box”. When using a buddy box, two transmitters are linked by a cable. The instructor has the master, and the student has the slave. When the student is flying, the instructor holds down a switch on his/her master transmitter to give the student’s transmitter control. As soon as the instructor needs control, he/she just has to release the switch, and control will be transferred to the master transmitter. This way the instructor can anticipate a crash and save the airplane before it’s too late.

Get an RC flight simulator for your PC

GWS Flight Sim KitIf you can’t find an instructor in your area, then you can still learn to fly without risking your model. RC flight simulators are becoming more popular, and are a fantastic way to practice without the risk of crashing your real plane. Read these articles on www.rchelicopter.com about RC aircraft simulators, and instructions on how you can use your actual aircraft transmitter with your computer. This GWS Flight Simulator Kit is an inexpensive flight sim for your PC.

Buy an inexpensive, simple, 2 or 3 channel RC plane and go from there

Vortex Beginner RC AirplaneIt is possible to teach yourself how to fly airplanes. If you have a simple, ready to fly aircraft like the a two channel Vortex or a Venom Micro Park Fighter, then your first solo flights are likely to be a success. Find an instructor and practice on the RC flight simulator before trying a solo flight with a harder to fly aircraft like a 3, 4 or 5 channel model.

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