Thunder Power TP-610C Charger

Thunder Power RC has released the TP610C, their newest LiPo, A123, NiCd/MH and PB battery charger. The TP 610C charger can charge 1 to 6 LiPo and A123 cells, 1-14 NiCd and NiMH cells, and 6-12V Pb (lead acid) batteries. The Thunder Power TP-610C can charge, balance, discharge and cycle batteries and report back full data. The TP610 charger is capable of up to 10 amps (80 watts total) when charging. Using the TP 610 charger to cycle your battery packs will improve their performance, and the TP-610 charger’s built-in balancer will extend the life of your lithium packs!

TP-610C Balance Charger Specifications

  • Max Charge Rate: 10A
  • LiPo and A123 Cells: 1-6
  • NiCd and NiMH Cells: 1-14
  • PB Batteries: 6-12V

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