FMS Flight SimulatorHow to properly setup your FMS cable and transmitter to work as a Game Controller in Windows.

Before doing anything or if you’ve already tried and your FMS controller is not responding or the FMS model is not working correctly, check the simple things:

  • Are the transmitter batteries fresh/fully charged?
  • Ensure that the transmitter is turned ON.
  • Is the cable plugged in firmly to the transmitter’s trainer port?
  • Is the USB end of the cable firmly connected to your computer?
  • Have you tried multiple USB ports?

Assuming everything is connected and turned on:

  1. At the windows taskbar click Start -> Control Panel -> Classic View -> Game Controllers. Your RC controller should show up in the list, possibly named PPM. If there is nothing displayed then there may be a problem with the transmitter, USB cable, or computer. If there is more that one controller and you are unsure which one it is, double-click on each one and while in test mode check if there is any on-screen response to stick movement.
  2. Once you find the correct Game controller, select Properties -> Settings -> Calibrate. Follow the instructions and when it is finished click OK and close the game controller and control panel windows.
  3. Run the FMS simulator, select Controls -> Analog Control -> Joystick Interface -> Mapping/Calibration -> Calibrate. Follow the instructions, and after clicking finish click OK to exit the Calibration window, and then the Mapping window.
  4. If you’re using Windows Vista you’ll need to also read this article with instructions on installing D3DRM.DLL or the FMS will not work.

You should now be able to control the simulator with your RC transmitter connected via USB FMS cable.

FMS Simulator KitLooking for a new FMS USB cable or complete simulator kit?
We sell Windows USB interface cables to connect your radio control transmitter to your computer and use it with the FMS program. We have Futaba FMS cables, Hitec FMS cables, JR FMS cables and a complete FMS simulator kit.

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