Buy a Mini Heli Infrared RC HelicoptersIf your mini IR heli (Mini Bell, or Mini Spaceman, Mini Lama, Havoc Heli, Picco Z etc.) continually spins while you are flying it, there is a simple procedure to correct this.

Use the Trim Buttons

To make your Heli stop spinning use the two trim buttons labeled “ST.TRIM” on the transmitter.

  • If the helicopter constantly rotates clockwise (when viewed from above) use the “L” button to trim it in the opposite direction of the spin.
  • If the helicopter rotates counterclockwise, use the “R” button instead. Click (press & release) the trim button as many as 30 times while the helicopter is hovering in the air – don’t just hold the trim button down.
  • If the trim button has no effect after more than 30 clicks, try pressing the other trim button repeatedly, in case the wrong trim button was initially used.

Notes On Using the Trim Buttons

  • The helicopter must be turned on and hovering (even if it is spinning) while you press and release the appropriate trim button in order for this to work.
  • The trim resets every time you turn the unit off, and will need to be reset before each use.
  • After the helicopter is correctly trimmed, you may still need to make small adjustments in flight while the battery power drains.
  • Different throttle settings may cause the helicopter to rotate, so it is best to set the trim while it is hovering rather that accelerating up or down.

Further Troubleshooting

Mini Heli Tail Propeller Combo

  • If the heli continually spins counterclockwise even after pressing the the “R” trim button over 30 times, there may be something causing reduced power from the tail propeller.
  • Check for hair wrapped around the motor shaft going to the tail propeller. If there is any, gently pull the tail prop off and remove the hair.
  • Ensure the tail propeller is installed the correct way, if it is on backwards the helicopter will not stop spinning even with full trim adjustment. Try taking the tail prop off and putting it on facing the opposite way.
  • The correct orientation for the tail propeller is with the flares pointing away from the motor mount.

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