Thunder Power RC 1010C Multi ChargerThunder Power RC has released a new firmware version for the Thunder Power 1010C charger. Version V2.3A contains many great features that re-affirm this charger’s position as a market-leader in features and performance. Among these features are the ability to now charge NiCd, NiMH, Pb (lead-acid), and A123 batteries. It’s another free upgrade from Thunder Power RC. All you need is the Thunder Power 1010C USB Programming Cable to apply the update.

Most important of all is the new procedure for applying the firmware upgrade. This procedure protects the charger from damage, and failure to use it will negate the 1010C’s warranty. The procedure is detailed by Thunder Power in their pdf note. The firmware can be obtained from the Thunder Power RC download page.

Changing the firmware requires that you power the charger from a simple 9V battery while applying the update. Alternatively, you can use a 10-15 Ohm ceramic block resistor inline with one of the power cables if you power the charger from your usual charger power supply.

Use the new 1010C firmware upgrade procedure to enjoy the many new features of V2.3A while maintaining your warranty.

TP1010C V2.3A Upgrade Features:

  1. Added NiCd/NiMh/PB(SLA)/A123 battery charge/discharge/cycler functions
  2. Memory slots (10) are independently assigned to each battery type
  3. A123 top off voltage adjusted to 3.65V/cell
  4. Added System timeout(selectable to 2-10Hour)
  5. The last cycle of charge and discharge data before an error interruption occurs can now be read by pressing the [Sel] button
  6. Discharge power factor added
  7. 1′s decimal digit added to the voltage display

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