Bladerunner RC Helicopter Internal LiPo BatteryMany people have asked us how to replace the Bladerunner internal flight battery on their Bladerunner RC Helicopters. Over time the Bladerunner lipo battery will lose it’s ability to fully recharge and will need to be replaced. We sell OEM factory replacement lipoly batteries for your Bladerunner RC helicopter as well as and after market upgraded version that gives you almost twice the flight time.

Once you are sure the Bladerunner’s battery needs to be replaced it is a fairly simple process. You will need a soldering iron, some solder and a few pieces of tape. This is the best way to install a new battery for a Bladerunner I and a Bladerunner II RC Helicopters:

  1. To install a new battery you will need to remove the body from the helicopter to access the internal components.
  2. The Bladerunner will have either a foam or plastic body which will have to be cut to remove it.
    • The foam body will have a vertical seam which can be cut open with either a hobby or utility knife.
    • The plastic body can be cut open either at the horizontal seam at the bottom or by cutting it vertically front to back.
  3. Once the body is removed you will find the battery near the front of the helicopter it is flat and silver, approximately 2″x 1.5″ in size.
  4. There will be two wires connecting the battery to the main circuit board, these will need to be un-soldered from the battery.
  5. With these wires removed the battery can be taken out of the helicopter, it is held in with a few pieces of clear tape that can be cut or peeled off.
  6. The replacement battery can be held in with any kind of tape.
  7. When soldering the new battery the power wires please ensure that the red wire is connected to the battery terminal labeled with the “+” and the black wire is to the terminal labeled with a “-”. Connecting this backwards will cause damage to the battery and circuit board. Be careful to not short out the two battery terminals as it will damage the battery and may cause fire.
  8. You will notice that the original battery also had a small circuit board connected to it, this is to prevent an overdischarge on the battery. It is not necessary on the new battery however it can be soldered and applied to the new replacement battery to help prevent damage.
  9. Once the battery is in place the body can be re-installed using scotch tape or glue.

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