If the top rotor blade on your Bladerunner RC helicopter is not spinning we can help you find the cause. The two most popular causes are:

  1. your main rotor shaft is loose and the gears are not meshing properly
  2. a gear has fallen out of place inside your helicopter

First, check to see if your main rotor shaft is loose

You can do this by firmly grasping the helicopter on the top and bottom of the Bladerunner’s canopy and moving the rotor shaft up and down. There should be at the most 1/16th of an inch play. If there is no play the rotor shaft will not spin freely. You can tighten up the rotor shaft by gently pushing down on the top of the main gears while supporting the base of the rotor shaft on the corner of a table. If you tighten up the rotor shaft too much, and it does not spin freely, you can loosen it off by pushing down on the bottom of the main helicopter while supporting the rotor shaft on a solid surface.

If the top rotor still doesn’t spin

If the rotor shaft is in proper position and the top rotor still does not spin, then there is a gear inside of your helicopter which has popped loose. To repair this, you will have to remove the canopy. To remove the canopy, cut off the seam joining the top and bottom parts of the canopy. You should now be able to remove the canopy from the helicopter. You should now see a gear that has fallen loose, as well as a small metal pin which holds the gear in place. Using a piece of sandpaper, roughen up the bottom of the pin then use a small drop of glue to help hold the pin in place. You can now put the canopy back on using a few small pieces of scotch tape.

Finding Bladerunner RC Helicopter Replacement Parts

Draganfly Innovations Inc. carries a full line of replacement parts for your Bladerunner RC helicopter. Shop online or order by phone 1-800-979-9794.

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