This Bladerunner spinning/rotating problem is due to the torque created by the spinning rotor blades and an imbalance in the pitch of the Bladerunner’s rotors. Since all Bladerunner series RC helicopters use the same general design of rotor blades (although different sizes) these instructions can be used for Bladerunner, Micro Mosquito and FireFly. If the rotor blades are not matched exactly, the helicopter will spin in one direction. This can usually be fixed by adjusting the trim on the transmitter.

If the Bladerunner RC helicopter continues to spin with the trim fully maxed out, you can remedy this easily:
Bladerunner Spins to the Left:
If the helicopter is spinning to the left, you will have to adjust the top rotor blades by bending more pitch into them. This is done by carefully bending the trailing (back) edge of the individual blades down.

Bladerunner Spins to the Right:
If the helicopter is spinning to the right, you can adjust the bottom rotor blades by bending more pitch into those blades. Use very light pressure to gradually bend the blades.

We also sell replacement rotor blades for all makes of Bladerunners.

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