TP 1010 C Lithium ChargerIt isn’t just a charger. With its high power, balancer communication ability, and numerous safety features, it comes together with surprising synergy. The Thunder Power 1010C allows you to revolutionize your lithium polymer usage.

The 1010C can charge very fast. Credit for this goes to the new safety features. The charger can communicate with the Thunder Power 210V and 205V balancers. The 1010C charger is available separately, or as a bundle consisting of the 1010C and 205V balancer or 1010C and 210V balancer. The balancer, attached to the battery during the charge, automatically attempts to correct imbalance. It also communicates each cell’s voltage to the 1010C. The 1010C analyzes the cell voltages to determine if the battery is unsafe to charge. It will slow down or stop an unsafe charge.

With these features ensuring an unsafe battery can’t be charged and making 3C charge rates safe, the 1010C’s brawn takes center stage. The power limits are 5s @ 10A and 10s @ 5A. A 5s 2100mAh battery can easily and safely be charged at 3C (6.3A).

Li Poly BatteriesThe 1010C also works great on the largest lithium polymer batteries, where it will likely be ran at full power. It is common for these large batteries to be used in series, and the 1010C offers the ability to charge them in series or separately. Series charging has the advantage of charging the pair of batteries in one charge with one charger. The other option is to separate them when charging and use two chargers simultaneously. Using two chargers requires a larger investment, but will enable the battery to be used again sooner due to the shorter charge time.

Small battery users and large battery users alike can re-think their charger and battery requirements. It may be wiser to own fewer batteries and charge them quickly at the field. This allows you to do the same amount of flying in one session and get more use out of your battery dollars.

Chargers, Balancaers, Power SuppliesThe power going into the battery has to come from somewhere. At full power, the Thunder Power 1010 C from Advanced Energy will demand about 250W from its power source. Ensure your power supply can handle that. A 20A power supply is just barely enough to run a Thunder Power 1010 C at full power. To power two or three 1010Cs you’ll need an extreme power supply, like the Iota 55A. If you charge at the field from a lead acid battery, you may need to buy a larger one to meet the power demands.

It’s an impressive charger now, and can only get better as Thunder Power releases free firmware updates. Very safe, very fast, and very powerful: the Thunder Power 1010C charger. Please remember, never charge batteries unattended, and always follow standard safety procedures.

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