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Flying Magazine Cover Dec 1998“Here’s a toy for the armchair flier. The Indoor Remote Controlled Flying Saucer. It’s a helium-filled, 36-inch metalized nylon balloon propelled by two independently radio-controlled micro-motors. The motors are operated with a two-stick radio-controlled transmitter that allows independent control of the speed and directions of the propeller thrust so the saucer can made to float, hover, turn, climb and dive from room to room. The transmitter with a range of 200 feet requires a 9 V battery; the saucers receiver uses a 3 V lithium camera battery and the saucer itself requires a fill of helium (available anywhere balloons are sold) that should last two to three weeks. The Flying Saucer is priced at $87 plus shipping and handling. For more information about the Flying Saucer or other flying machines in the Draganfly Innovations fleet, call 800-979-9794 or 306-955-9907; fax 306-955-9906″

Edited by Tom Benenson
December 1998
Flying (Magazine)

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